Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brownie Ball Bliss

It has been a tradition with my mother and I to get together a week or so before Christmas and make delectable treats to package up for our friends and family. Last year, we bought these cute little christmas themed, chinese takeout boxes and packed them full of our most loved sweets. One of the items included were these Oreo, cream cheese balls, dipped in chocolate. They were the perfect little bite of decadence and a favorite among our gift receivers, not to mention irresistible to our own taste buds. It was this memory that gave me inspiration for next treat making challenge, White Chocolate Covered Brownie Balls!

I must admit, for my first shot at this recipe, I bought and used boxed brownie mix, baking them to the specifications on the back of the package. The one change that I did make however, was a substitute of milk instead of water. When the brownies were done baking, I let them rest for around 10 minutes or so, taking a block of regular cream cheese out of the fridge and leaving it on the counter to soften. Then, with a fork, I crumbled up the finished product and combine it with the soft cream cheese. Doing this while the brownies are still a little warm helps to melt the cream cheese and make the incorporation of the two easier. Next, I added about half a cup of creamy peanut butter to the mixture and mixed everything together until you could only see traces of the peanut butter left.

The next step was to form the batter into balls, about a tablespoon full, and tra
nsfer them to a freezer to harden a bit. It is much easier, especially with the hot weather, to cover these brownie balls with chocolate when they are not melting all over the place. While cooling, I took a regular bag of white chocolate chips and melted them. I would suggest doing this part in a double boiler is possible, but it is also perfectly acceptable to melt the chips in a microwave, which I did for this certain project, taking out the chocolate every minute to stir until melted to perfection.

When the chocolate was melted and left to cool for about 5 minutes, I took the brownie balls out of the freezer and started the dipping process. I must warn you know that this is quite time consuming, so make sure you don't have anywhere to be for about 30 minutes or so. It is best to do this part with a fork so that the excess chocolate can drip off through the prongs back into your bowl. After dipping each ball, I simply transfered them back to a baking sheet and placed them into the freezer once again. It only takes about 10 minutes for these finished balls to be ready for devouring, but I must warn you, it is upon my recommendation to do your devouring with a glass of
milk close by :)

Making these was very time consuming, I must admit, but it was a lot of fun to think back to the times I get to share with my mom while we make our Christmas goodies. Love you mom!

Happy baking!!

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