Friday, June 25, 2010

Experimenting With the Classics

While I am working in this internship here in beautiful North Cali, I am staying with my boyfriend and his family. His brother, recently received a free ice cream maker from work and needless to say, we got pretty enthusiastic about making homemade ice cream. Without proper research, we ventured to the store and bought all of the ingredients usually found in ice cream, including what seemed to be a pallet of sweetened condensed milk. Come to find out, only one of our ice cream creations called for the ingredient, meaning that we were left with a lot of unused cans. I took it upon myself to take full advantage of this little purchasing error, and started brainstorming.

After a bit of thinking it occurred to me that the summertime classic, Key Lime Pie, uses sweetened condensed milk in most recipes and that was all the inspiration I needed. I decided that instead of the normal pie, I would instead make a torte with a pecan, graham cracker, sea salt and turbinado sugar crust. Of course I combined these ingredients with butter and a little bit of honey to form the crust, baking at 375 for a little over 10 minutes.

Next, I combine one 14oz can sweetened condensed milk, 3/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice, 3 large egg yolks beaten, the grated peel of one key lime, 1/2 a cup of caramel and a pinch of salt, mixing until smooth. I then baked the torte for 20 minutes, transferring straight to the refrigerator when done and cooling for close to 3 hours. You can decorate this torte with anything, whether some kind of whipped topping or even a caramel sauce drizzle, but I went for simplicity, cutting a lime into wedges and placing into a pretty pattern on top :)

This torte seemed to be a real crowd pleaser and was gone within a mere 48 hours. I must admit, this was my first time experimenting with key lime anything, but I will certainly keep this one in the books for a go to summer time treat!

Ps. My picture taking skills are not quite as good as my baking skills. Apologies for the bad picture :)

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